About Us

Cass County Michigan is committed to eliminating poverty.  Bridges Out of Poverty, developed by Ruby Payne and Phil DeVol, is our framework for community transformation.


Bridges Out of Poverty will transform Cass County into a prosperous community in which individuals move from generational and situational poverty to self-sufficiency, enhancing the quality of life for everyone and creating a model for other communities.


In January of 2010, the Cass County Human Services Coordinating Council invited Bonnie Bazata, the Executive Director of St. Joseph County Bridges out of Poverty to present Bridges Out of Poverty as a poverty reduction framework.   Day One training began in April 2010 and a Facilitator training followed soon after.  Our first Getting Ahead Club started in July 2010.  We have since seen about 45 club members graduate from the program.


Cass County Bridges Out of Poverty is a workgroup of the Human Services Coordinating Council. It is governed by a local Steering Committee including Ruth Andrews, Kimberly Brown, Karen Ford, Robin Emenaker, Patty Patano, Helene Robertson, Twyla Smith, Veronica Stewart, and Lauren Woodhouse. The initiative is staffed by Ruth Andrews.

Contact: Ruth Andrews, 269-445-0269, andrewsr3@michigan.gov



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